WCBS was created in 2018

Experience gives an individual the opportunity to take advantage of the skills they have acquired. This is one of the core elements of  We Can Building Solutions Corporation(WCBS), a Calgary based construction company, as it was established by individuals who have gained expertise and knowledge by conducting various construction services over the years.


Commitment to our

customers and community

Whether the project we are currently working on is part of the residential, commercial or industrial sector, we strive to deliver a tangible product that our customers are proud to own or have. A combination of our core values such as safety, expertise, integrity, accountability and quality result in projects that add value to an individual or group's life. We are also happy to answer any questions a customer has about the service they want and negotiate on the price and timeline of the project.


At We Can Building solutions, we prioritize safety, as it ensures that each job is done thoroughly and efficiently. As a team, we strive to use PPE and other protective equipment as our employees are a vital part of our team. Additionally, one of our employees is part of the Safety Committee member at BILD Calgary.

Integrity and Accountability

Honesty plays an important role on whether a customer will choose your service or product over a competitor. At We Can Building Solutions, we aim to follow Alberta’s building code and standards to ensure that each customer receives the best results. Furthermore, we seek to be transparent about the misunderstandings or mishaps that occur while the project is occurring, allowing a customer to know that we will be responsible on our part.


A thorough knowledge of each construction service gives a worker the ability to problem solve when the need arises and the confidence that they are providing their best work. Furthermore, expertise reassures a customer that they can trust the workers and business to provide their best quality work.


Unexpected events can occur at any time, which is why we focus on providing high quality service. Utilizing materials that give your house or building the durability to last. Frequent repairs also add to the longevity of a building, which is a task that WCBS is more than happy to do.


The following companies are organizations that WCBSC is a part of. These organizations also help various local construction companies gain exposure which allows potential clients to have access to local construction services as well as trusted corporations.

BILD Calgary

A non-profit organization that advocates for the building industry and makes sure that the relationships between business and community are strong. One of our employees is part of the Safety Committee, which relates back to our core value about safety.


Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA)

An organization that is determined in the success of businesses within the housing industry. We Can Building Solutions Corporation is considered a renovator, under CBHA.